Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Greatest Work

When do you know that your greatest work is done?

I was just reviewing a Ken Robinson Google search looking for some new exciting and controversial stuff (procrastinating I guess), and although a little dissappointed that there wasn't anything that got my creative juices flowing I started pondering...'has he completed his greatest work/s?'...'will nothing be as controversial and communicative?'...'will this ('Schools Kill Creativity') be his defining output?'
No offence to Ken of course, he is still in the throws of his great offerings. Go Ken!! Love your work!! The more educators/officials you reach (and convert) the better.

Then I asked....'What is my greatest work?'
(putting aside that E is my greatest work with regard to family)

Here is what I came up with regarding my individual journey.
1. I don't think I have completed mine yet.
2. Some of it has to do with my past and current experiences with E.
3. I want to share the tools and ideas we used to get through 7yo depression with little support from family, friends or professionals (surely it can help someone!!)
4. There is something about how E learns that I want to formalise...I call it Whole Picture learning.
5. I really want to share my knowledge of Career Counselling so people can move forward more positively without paying a fortune for it.

So how do we know we have completed our greatest work/s? That piece of work that other's define us by. Maybe we ask...

  • What's at the other end of your greatest work?
  • How do you know you have finished promoting it?
  • Do we feel the need to move to something else or greater?
  • Is it when all the knowledge culminates into something you can share?
  • Do you have something tangible?
  • Is there any more creative energy left on that subject?
  • Is it because we feel we are heard and have made our point?
  • Did you share everything?
  • .....

How do you know it's your greatest work?

  • Is it because it lingers and defines us??
  • Is it because nothing will inspire us this much again? (oh please no!)
  • Is it because our passion changes gear to a more sedate level?
  • Or, is it because we will be working on it forever more, feeding off it and garnering new experiences?

I know I have so much to give and haven't reached my 'culmination' period as yet. I am more happy in myself to put myself 'out there'..apparently that happens after 40. In the past I would make a pitiful attempt by starting and then stopping because of naysayers, but this is just NOT on.
I will share, share, share. After all, the listener has a choice.
And I will continue to be passionate.

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