Friday, March 1, 2013

Education Tools

Here's a link to some really interesting and useful tools and sites.

In particular I like MentorMob for being able to put together your projects and find project information. Check it out....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Halloumi and Vegie Fritters

Just made vegie and halloumi fritters....Yum

- two serves of Halloumi on speed 5 (depending on the Halloumi) for 30 secs until crumbed.
- small head of brocolli and 1 med carrot chopped roughly and cooked.
- add vegies to bowl and process on speed 5 for 20secs.
- add eggs (maybe 2), salt & pepper to taste and flour (I used 1 tbsp coconut flour) and process on speed 2 for 10 secs.
- form into fritters shapes and fry in pan.

Photos to be added once I learn how to get them off my RecipeBook app or make some more.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Unschooling New Year Guidance

(mind map art by Adam Sicinski)

In understanding and establishing our Unschooling style I discovered it should be either Independent or Guided - this is one of those times that guidance is needed. Because continuing emotional health is a large part of our learning, our unschooling style will have some differences to the usual description of Unschooling.

After a few weeks with excitement, thrills, fun, happiness, visitors and heaps of activity over Christmas the doldrums are looking to set it's time for an intervention through guidance.

While the intention was to discuss feelings and how we choose how we feel, while also understanding useful, and not so useful feelings, it could be a good time to discuss E's expectations of this year. Generally the expectations are limited to past experiences. So it's an opportunity to also talk about what we expect of ourselves and others now, this year and/or in the future.

This may seem too deep and meaningful for a 10yo however there is always a level at which we can introduce these concepts to children. Just by simplifying the process for a start.

So the process I will follow is to have discussion/s about...

We introduced Values a couple of years ago. It was a simplified and guided exercise and the outcome was fantastic. I prompted E to the first two values and he picked the third.

which lead to.....
Here you can 'choose' to show your child the standard curriculum for the year and discuss their desire or not to undertake certain subjects.
What would you like to achieve or do this year?

which lead to....
What attitudes are useful and what are not useful?
What actions do you think you might have to undertake to achieve a particular goal? (projects, excursions, other sources, etc)
What might you expect from these actions and how will you feel once you have achieved your goal. How will you feel if you don't achieve your goal? (this is intended to show learning from trying rather than failure from not achieving)

which lead to....
When you get to the end of the year what do you think you will see if you look back on this year?

Hints & Tips

  • All of this work should be based around feelings especially if the child has any difficulties to overcome. Understanding our feelings at a young age can help us overcome emotional difficulties later.
  • If you are struggling with these concepts let your child guide you by asking lots of questions. Chances are they will have a totally different idea that could be very useful.
  • Get the child's interaction - scribing while you chat, recording in their own terms once completed, finding a place for this work that is easily seen on a daily basis.
  • Use a timeline if necessary
  • Don't put unnecessary pressure on your child just because of your own (or anyone else's) expectations. I want E to finish Grade 7 Math but I don't really need to voice this since he is keen to 'complete more books' on the subject.
  • Keep these workings/outcomes in plain site for the year.
  • Everything changes......why can't this body of work?? Let it change throughout the year if need be, don't fight it.
Mind Map by Adam Sicinski

Friday, December 7, 2012

Science - MicroBiology

Last night when tucking my little man into bed I was asked 'what does bacteria look like and how can we see one?'

Well.....what a great question. My answer was 'like a little bug....and through a microscope'. I didn't want to say 'we can search the internet' like usual. I wanted to make it part of our Science learning. But this morning I find myself checking out all sorts of  science websites and blogs...and there are plenty out there, particularly on micro biology which I find very interesting.

Here are some great links that I'm finding hard to stop reading. They are written well, so all of us yet unknowledgable folk can understand them.


Oh.....and a great set of pictures from The Guardian - Where do scientists work?